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The Global Community Chooses to #StandWithUkraine
The Global Community Chooses to #StandWithUkraine

The Global Community Chooses to #StandWithUkraine

A few days ago, the chaos of the world began to transition from a worldwide pandemic known as COVID-19 that has hurt and killed millions to a different type of attack on humanity. That night, I stayed awake until 4am watching television and participating on social media to learn more about the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s senseless actions.

#StandWithUkraineWhether political, religious, financial or beyond, there will always be conflicts in society. However, the common denominator is that we’re all human beings — along with many beloved pets and animals. Witnessing the video of a father saying goodbye as he sent his children away to safety and stayed behind to fight Russia on behalf of the Ukraine community was heartbreaking, especially as the proud dad of two.

What could we do? Since that point, so many have collaborated and coordinated to help the Ukraine citizens. One of the most intriguing and encouraging set of moments was seeing so many protests by the people of Russia.

For those who wonder if posts like this are appropriate on social channels and beyond, I simply say that people are the foundation for most elements of life. As the pandemic reiterated the importance of mental health, wellbeing and community, we must remember to check on others and show empathy and sympathy … even if they’re fighting a battle across the world versus in our/your own backyard.

One last thought – leadership can be illustrated in many ways. I was thrilled to see Mykhailo Fedorov, the Ukraine Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, reach out to Elon Musk on Twitter about providing SpaceX Starlink stations to address connectivity needs. Thanks for your actions in critical situations for members of society, Elon … illustrating how innovation and those behind it can play a valuable and life-saving impact during challenging times—with accessibility to information, communication and cybersecurity.

Stay safe and well, everyone. #StandWithUkraine!

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