The Future of Payments and …

The future of payments

Highlighted in a recent Forbes article by David Armano about the future of payments, which in my opinion will also encompass areas like identity management, cybersecurity, trust, metaverse happenings and beyond.

Ian Gertler– blockchain industry thought leader and founder of Symplegades–shared his perspectives. “Change is constant, even though many are apprehensive. Most value convenience and speed. Today, financial services extend beyond the economics of supply and demand, where security and trust reinforce a world of human connection (facilitated by technology rather than being replaced by it).”  Gertler notes that this progression of financial services goes beyond money alone. He passionately stresses that it is quickly becoming the foundation of identity management, trust and authentication. This ongoing convergence of physical and digital presence and environments (think multiple metaverses) will touch all areas of life across the world (banks, healthcare, government, retailers, schools, individuals and communities).

Read the full post in Forbes.

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